Assoc. Prof. Dr Roziah Mohd Janor



· PhD (UKM)

· MA (Virginia)

· BA (New York)

Dr Roziah is an Associate Professor at the Faculty of Information Technology and Quantitative Sciences, UiTM. She is currently heading the University Strategic Information Management Unit under the UiTM Strategic Planning Department, in short PPS (Pusat Perancangan Strategik). She foresees the preparation of the university’s official statistics and currently spearheading the massive interdepartmental Data Quality initiative soon to be launched. She is also instrumental in formulating strategic intiatives for the university blueprint in achieving its goal: 200,000 enrollment students in 2010 with assured quality, one of the national high impact project under the 9th Malaysia Plan.

She has a PhD in Statistics from UKM. Her PhD thesis focuses on developing Measurement Model of Internal Customer Satisfaction using the structural equation modeling method. Her masters’ degree in Interdisciplinary Mathematics (1987) is from the West Virginia University, USA and her BA in Mathematics (1985) is from the State University of New York at New Paltz. She has also earned a Graduate Diploma in Education (1989) from the Universiti Teknologi Malaysia.

Her expertise in developing methodology for handling dialogues, discussion sessions, brainstorming sessions and project planning has made her as an asset to the university. To name a few, she was instrumental in developing the methodology for the university’s restructuring exercise in the year 2001, the methodology for the visioning exercise of the university in 2003, developing the methodology for mapping issues of the university in 2003, developing methodology for dialogue of the Malay Thought in 2002, and developing methodology for the Mahathir Dialogue in 2002.

She was seek for consultancy from outside parties to assist in their roundtable and discussion sessions, to name a few, FELCRA for their Future 5 Years Direction, CIPTA for the Kongres Melayu S&T in 2003, and IDFR for the OIC conference in 2003, and SUHAKAM for the Press Council Working Committee. She developed the methodology for the 10 Serial Dialogues on Mapping the Thoughts of Malaysia’s Prime Ministers.

From March to Sept this year (2006), she has also been sought by all 27 of the Malaysian Teachers Training Institute (IPG) to assist them in maintaining their ISO’s certified Quality Management Systems. She developed a customised methodology for the IPG on how to inculcate the culture of continual improvement via TRIZ (a Russian based award-winning method on innovation).

She co-developed a methodology to drive the university towards understanding and practicing the balanced scorecard in monitoring implementation of its strategic plan, codenamed: UiTM Hadhari Scorecard that has been presented to national and international audience. The Hadhari Scorecard was later improved to cater for both not for profit and for profit organisation and recently won a Gold Award in the Malaysia Technology Award 2007 for innovation.

A part from that she is currently very involved in driving the 200,000 enrollment, a project UiTM is currently undertaking. She developed the Capacity-based projection model in meeting the desired target. She devised the mechanism for executing the university strategic plan via UiTM Strategic Communication Plan to be used by all departments. She innovate the method for strategic planning deployment specifically for UiTM.

She was one of the project managers for the Restructuring Project of UiTM that was done in the year 2001-2004. She was also the coordinator for the ISO 9001:2000 initiative for the university from 2003- the end of 2005. For 18 months, she helped foresee all the 23 faculties and the corporate management of UiTM obtained their certifications. She also devised the plan for all the 12 branches to obtain their ISO certification back in 2005. Her track record was assisting a department with zero based quality initiative into fully certified ISO 9001:2000 within six months.

As academician, she has published several academic papers nationally and internationally for her 16 years with the university. She has written an article on University Governance recently published in the IIM Journal. She is currently supervising a doctoral candidate working on Efficiency Model and co supervising another candidate, working on Corporate Governance and Performance using the structural equation modeling technique via Amos.

She was in July 04 made an Executive Member to the National Quality Network, an association among public and non-public organization focusing on Quality & Productivity. Her term of reference is to focus on Education Issues on Quality & Productivity. She is also a member of the World Future Society.

She is currently involved in two institutional researches under the departmental grant: i) UiTM Economic Impact and ii) the Social Mobility Study Amongst UiTM Alumni. For the former, she developed a new modified method in calculating the input output to derived the impact of UiTM Shah Alam and had won another innovation award UiTM 2007 and will be representing UiTM for the 18th International Technology Expo in Kuala Lumpur in May. For the latter, she has also devised another method to calculate the Generalized Purchasing Power Index to indicate the social mobility amongst the alumni UiTM since 1956 up to 2005. She has completed a research under the university grant entitled the Disclosure Index between the Syariah and Non Syariah Compliance Company in Malaysia.

Her interest in measurement modeling has helped her to focus on solving problem of multi-dimensional dimensions via clustering, mapping and relationship building. She is currently involve in a project with Sime Darby and Bahagian Politeknik Kementerian Pengajian Tinggi in assisting them analyse their current strategic initiatives.

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