To be the leading integrator of the entire business community sharing abundant resources to enhance performance and mutual profit.


Facilitating a business throughout its whole phases of development, and ensuring its natural progresses through resources sharing and mutual support.

Corporate Philosophy

Our commitment is to provide the best expertise and to deliver the best ideas, products, and services that meet the highest quality requirements. We are willing to uphold the basic principles which are integrity, accountability, and responsibility, to benefit long term relationship in guiding us in the integration of our project management activities.



Registered Name : AZ Smart Integrated Partnership Sdn Bhd

Company No : 518664-W

Incorporated : 8th June, 2001

Address : Wisma AZ Smart
10, Jalan Pusat BCH 1/3

Bandar Country Homes

48000 Rawang

Selangor Darul Ehsan

Telephone : +603 6733 1940

Fax : +603 6733 1965

Board of Directors : Dr. Ahmad Zaki Ismail

: Abu Bakar Othman

Bank : CIMB Bank Berhad

Bukit Tunku

Kuala Lumpur

Authorized Capital : RM 100,000-00

Paid-Up Capital : RM 100,000-00

Management Team

Chairman/Executive President : Dr. Ahmad Zaki Ismail

Director of Training : Nor Hashim Ahmad

Director of Consultation : Nurul Huda Mat Nor

Principal Consultant : Zubli Zainordin

Principal Consultant : Dr. Mohd Sobree Ali

Chief Business Development : Fauziah Dolmat

Chief Executive Officer : Abu Bakar Othman

Chief Operations Officer : Khairulfikri Mokhtarudin

Chief Administration Officer : Moh Rohimi Ismail

Chief Public Relations Officer : Julia Baskaran



Ultimate Food Industries Sdn Bhd (520747-M)

SJA Infotech Sdn Bhd (543341-K)

SJA Technology Sdn Bhd (465918-K)

Atlantic Rank (M) Sdn Bhd (236440-M)

Ansoft Technologies Sdn Bhd (497885-D)

Sales Excellence Training Sdn Bhd (360830-P)

Rezka Enterprise (873908-P)

Triple Zek HR & Management Services Sdn Bhd (544699–V)

Dynacoral System And Services Sdn Bhd (261047-H)

Dynacoral Sdn Bhd (246835-A)

Mandarin Star Sdn Bhd (280360-H)



Chairman/Executive President

As a founder of the AZ SMART INTEGRATED PARTNERSHIP SDN BHD, Dr. Ahmad Zaki is a dynamic, progressive and smart. An interesting individual with vision and mission. He is a reputable, prominent and highly respectable Integrator within the business community. He has over 20 years of experience in Business Development, Human Resource Management, and Marketing. His areas of expertise include Business Turn Around, Direction Consultancy, International Marketing, Financial Management Advisory, and Managing Training in creative thinking, performance management, team work management and entrepreneurs’ development.

Dr. Ahmad Zaki earned his B. A. (Hons.) Degree in Economics (1981), MBA (USA) 1989, and DBA (USA) 2002. Over 20 organizations; government agencies, and private sectors locally and internationally have benefited from his extra-ordinary consulting experiences since 1982.


    • Business Coaching

    • Local & Global New Ventures

    • Organizational Consultancy

    • Project Management

    • Smart Integration Vitality

    • Total Training System

    • Foreign Workers and Students

    • Trading


` Organizational Growth and Continuous Development

` Business Start up Total Requirements

` Leadership and Making a Difference

` Crisis Management and Peaceful Solution

` Total Operational System for Maximum Productivity

` Maintenance Standards Sustainability

` Financial Consulting & Advisory

` Harnessing Resources and Human Potentials

` Manufacturing Benefits and Servicing Satisfaction

` Other Additional Services Registered with The Ministry of Finance


Keeping up with today’s technology is not an easy task. Our skilled trainers are always available to give you the most up-to-date quality instruction. We train on-site and off-site for your convenience.

We provide training on a variety of fields, be it:

` Organizational Development

` Management and Leadership Management

` Financial and Business Development

` Quality Management System

` Information Technology

` Turnaround Management

` Marketing

` Business Planning

` Preparation of Training Needs Analysis

` Management Search Follow Through

` Evaluation Development

Other Additional Services Registered

with The Ministry of Finance

AZ Smart through its expertise and subsidiary companies offer various services in supplying products such as raw materials, machineries and agricultural based (Please refer to attached certificate from the Ministry)


  • Focusing on our core business of Information and Communication Technology
  • Taking active role in utilising new technologies and products, especially internet-related, and applying them to local environment

  • Establishing smart partnerships with selected local and overseas technology providers and systems developers

  • Focusing on enterprise-wide but cross-industry suite of systems, thus spreading the applicability to a wider market range, while at the same time targeting market segments with high growth potential

  • Providing cost effective and efficient wide range of Human Resources consulting and training services


  1. congratulations friend !!!! baru jumpa your website…huhuhuuuu

  2. Dr Zaki and family…..

  3. Tenkiu Mr. Shuib, it is a pleasure to have your comment here.

  4. terima kasih En Shuib

  5. Assalamualaikum, tuan yang dihormati, saya ingin memahami lebih lanjut berkenaan syarikat tuan ini, tetapi pada bahagian profil syarikat ini saya dapati ia ditulis dalam bahasa inggeris walaupun tajuk utamanya dalam bahasa Malaysia. Bolehkah saya dapatkan profil dalam bahasa Malaysia? Harap dipertimbangkan. Terima kasih.

    • Terima kasih di atas kesudian anda menatap profil syarikat. Pihak kami sedia membantu untuk memberi maklumat mengenai mana-mana bahagian yang anda kurang maklum mengenai aktiviti syarikat ini dan ia akan dijelaskan di dalam bahasa Melayu seratus peratus.

      Kami juga ingin sedikit maklumbalas tujuan pihak tuan/puan mendapatkan profil syarikat mungkin dengan maklumbalas itu kita boleh memberikan kerjasama seperti yang dikehendaki dan menepati keperluan tuan/puan.

      Sekian. Wassalam

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